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Leslie's Beads

About the Lady Behind the Beads

Leslie    Leslie has always enjoyed blending the colours of the artist's palette with what she observes in nature and the environment. She began designing jewelry around 10 years ago; she says quite frankly, "Let's face it, I love beads, and had to support my habit!"  

    More recently, while vacationing in Mexico, she familiarized herself with the painter, Frieda Kahlo, and the colors that are so much a part of the Mexican life and spirit. She admits  to also having been influenced by 'impressionist' artists, for their subtle, yet sensuous use of tone and color to express an idea.

    All jewelry designs are handmade by Leslie, using sterling silver components, ie crimps, clasps, earring components, and pins, with .925 sterling silver.  Occasionally, she will incorporate 10, 12 or 14 karat gold; this will be specified in the description of the piece.  Her designs include sterling silver beads from around the world including, Israel, Thailand, and India.

    Leslie thrives on the dynamic nature of working with artglass, semi-precious gemstones and Swarovski crystals, to name a few, in blending these color themes, and you will find aspects of her personal relationship with these items and ideas in every piece of jewelry you will find listed on this website.

    Take a look at some of Leslie's handmade jewelry now!

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