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Leslie's Beads

About the Beads Leslie Works With

These are just a few of the lovely beads that are used in Leslie's jewelry.    These gemstones are first discovered and unearthed by miners, gemologists, etc., then 'rebirthed' by artisans like Leslie, who incorporates them into one-of-a-kind pieces. Some examples of the gemstones found in Leslie's designs include amethyst, carnelian, chalcedony, agate, lapis and turquoise; all known for their healing or spiritual powers. (see a chart here)

    Artglass is the term given to glass that has been handmade using any of a variety of methods, stained, fused, bevelled, blown,etc.  Boro glass is handblown from borosilicate, a hard mixture of minerals that when heated at high temperatures forms the beautiful Boro glass that yields beautiful and unsuspecting color combinations 

    Leslie also incorporates silver and gold beads into her jewelry, and is particularly fond of the lovely Bali silver beads, each handcrafted by a talented Balinese artist. (For more on how these beads are created, see this article.)

    Leslie would like to suggest that although these are one of a kind pieces, if you would like to customize a piece using what you see as a guide, that you contact her, and discuss the possibilities. 

    We hope you enjoy your visit to our shop, and find among these pieces something of as lasting a value as our beads, and Nature itself!

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